Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Should Probably Be Cleaning

Those five words sum up, in a nutshell, how I feel, at least a dozen times a day.

I sit down to check Facebook with my morning coffee, and a niggling little voice in the back of my voice says "You should probably be cleaning..." 

I meet my boss Courtney for a spur-of-the-moment coffee.  "You should probably be cleaning..."

Go visit neighbor Caitlyn for half an hour?  "You should probably be cleaning..."

Settle down with a movie and the babies after dinner... "You should probably be cleaning..."

Even now, as I sit and write, the office around me is filled with mess and never unpacked boxes.  Every time I look up, I feel the urge to jump up and start sorting.

This, my friends, is my excuse for my long absence.  I haven't posted since June the 12th.  A lot's gone on between then and now--we went home on leave, I signed up for fall classes, we got new neighbors... And I've waged war on our house.  We've cleaned out the downstairs closet.  I've spent HOURS scrubbing the kitchen.  I've vacuumed and mopped and scrubbed and spit shined.  I feel like I've been busy every moment of every hour of every day... And the house is still a mess.  We still have no definitive office.  There's a fine coating of Simon hair on all the furniture.  The kitchen looks like it hasn't been cleaned since 1995.  I'm coming to my wit's end, folks.

So where did I turn?  Pinterest.  Duh.

I rediscovered the 40 Bags in 40 Days pin--basically, how to get rid of tons of crap you don't need and be clutter free in 40 days. Tomorrow, The Great Purge begins.  I'm getting rid of all the crap all over this house that we never use that just takes up space and collects dust and Simon hair.  Then, possibly, it will be easier to keep this place clean.  Then, and only then, will I be able to justify spending the time I'd like to on making it pretty, cozy, and home-like instead of temporary-house-like.

I'm also committing to writing once a week from here on out.  I probably won't manage every day, but I am going to try to shoot for every week.

So wish me luck, my friends.  If I'm not heard from in seven days or so, send in a search party.